My Work

May 2021 -

Sep 2020 - Apr 2021


2018 - 2019


2017 - 2018


  • Impact analysis of projects implemented and communicating feedback/results with stakeholders management
  • Contribute in implementing production level data product with software engineering
  • Creation, maintenance, and validation of real-time datasets
  • Scaling and automation of complete pipeline of data product
  • Building interactive visualization dashboard for different top-level management and different stakeholders
  • Design, assess, and solve machine learning problems
  • Assisting in architecting data infrastructure and visualization dashboards projects
  • Business Projects and Strategic Partnerships
  • Business Development
  • Technical Development Advising for cohort startups
  • Architecting Tech Entrepreneurship Solution
  • Interviewed customers and searched the industry for problems
  • Product Design, Management, and Development Supervision
  • Cloud Infrastructure Architecting and Deployment of SaaS
  • Assisted in fundraising, sales and client relationships
  • Assisted in Due Diligence for potential investments
  • Presented investment deals to the investment committee
  • Worked on SmartPass (Single Signon Authentication Service): Administering Registration Operation and Logistics) as part of small team where I played a leading role with rapidly increasing responsibility over a short period of time
  • Evolved the Requirement Documentation, Project Handling and Planning of two major projects: Online Training Marketplace Platform and the Auto Expanding Mobile Training Laboratory
  • Member of Innovation Committee, led the project “Corporate Internal Incubator” which included preparing the Innovation Trip Report & Presentation and in developing innovative recommendations initiatives; all very well received by senior management
  • Innovation Ambassador for the Policy and Programs Department, responsible for communicating and coordinating all innovative initiative in the department.
  • Successfully completed “The Atmosphere of Mars and the MAVEN Mission: Cross-Calibrating NGIMS and IUVS” data analysis project
  • Data exploration from various repositories, identified relevant sources to the project goals, processed and analyzed data, tested hypotheses and gathered insights, presented to interested stakeholders


Deep Learning Neural Network Classifier

Training deep learning neural networks image classifiers and packaging it to an application others can use. The user first trains the neural network by supplying the folder path to the data. After training, the neural network would classify further supplied images to their designated classification.

Titanic Dataset Classification Problem

A project part of a famous problem on Kaggle that is aimed to predicting survivors of the Titanic shipwreck. Going through the data science process of exploring data, wrangling and preparing data, analyzed and identified patterns to determine which factors and parameters to use for machine learning training. Then, compared machine learning models performance and outputted best prediction score.


With more than 1,500,000 downloads, Khalid has developed the Cayram app to be one of the most viral apps in the Arabian Gulf region.


Volunteering to work with the Ministry of Climate Change and Environment, Khalid was recognized by the minister. The project was presented at GITEX Exhibition 2015.

Other Experience

  • Game Development Category
  • Web Development
  • Mobile App
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